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Lets work together & bring you closer to that happy, fulfilling life that you deserve

After completing the consultation form I send we have our first face to face consultation, after this session together it will give me a clearer and more specific idea of your needs & how to construct and personalise your programme. I can guide you and share tools and techniques to achieve a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle, but It's important for you to understand that you are the person who makes the change. I want nothing more than for you to flourish and feel great happiness, all I need is your determination & commitment to make this powerful change. I'm really excited to hear from you & start this exciting chapter together.



Confidence booster

6 Week programme

The confidence booster is a programme designed for anyone who feels like they are lacking in either self/body image confidence. With proven NLP techniques and wellness rituals to help you fall back in love with yourself and see yourself as the amazing beautiful being that you are . 

- Personalised coaching programme

-x 6 1-1 Coaching sessions including virtual Zoom check in's

-Wellness tips & products 

-X2 months wellness/ holistic programme ( 2 classes a week) 


Glow Getter

 2 Month programme 

The Glow Getter programme is for anyone who feels like they've lost their glow, I'm here to help you find it again, to give you that guidance, support and reasurance with a great programme full of techniques & a restyle over. 

- Personalised coaching programme

-x 6  1-1 Coaching sessions including virtual Zoom check in's.

-Vision board session

-Full hair & beauty restyle 

-Wardrobe refashion and detox  

-X1 Personal shopping day 

-Wellness tips & products 

-X2 months wellness/ holistic programme ( 2 classes a week) 


The Reivention

 6 Month programme 

The Reinvention package is an overhaul of your life. From your home surroundings & style to your new fun, confident & exciting outlook.

- Personalised coaching programme

-12  1-1 Coaching sessions including virtual Zoom check in's .

- Full hair & beauty restyle 

-Wardrobe refashion and detox plus organisational advice  

-Personal shopping x2 days

-Wellness tips & products 

-Personal fitness or wellness 6 month programme ( 2 classes a week) 



1-1 Coaching 1 hr per session

1-1 Coaching helps you ,transform, reflect and identify whats shaped your current reality. It will guide you towards making positive changes in your mindset and working through limiting beliefs, uncovering what’s blocking you from living and loving your best life. With the techniques and coaching I share with you, you will start to feel that undeniable confidence in yourself, feeling like you have your own inner strength and ability to handle whatever life throws your way. (The number of coaching sessions vary to each client)


Wardrobe overhaul

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Personal shopping day



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