There is no denying that this last year has really helped us re evaluate our lives, helped us slow down & realise what is truly important. Has this time helped you reflect & ask yourself are you living your best life? Are you fulfilling passions, dreams & goals?


This workshop will help you understand the power of Vision Boards & how they can help you to create the amazing life you've always dreamed of.


Invest in yourself & this Workshop to help you gain clarity, focus & motivation to what it is you truly desire.


What will be covered...


  • Four key components to Manifesting
  • Meeting your future self (Relaxing visualisation exercise)
  • Why do Vision Boards work
  • How to create an amazing Vision Board
  • NLP techniques to help you power up your vision board for it to work for you

Creating Your Vision Workshop

  • Vision Board Goal Sheets & Cork Board delivered between 3-5 working days after order. ( If wanted for day of Workshop give atleast a week for delivery)

  • Refund cannot be given after Workshop products sent.